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4/20  The New Looney Tax

Since the Invention of the
Internet, Educational Information
is now Instant.

Government is now being held instantly more accountable as millions of Canadians have access to uncensored life-changing, personal decision making information sooner - without prior censorship because it is instantly on the internet.

If you are a Canadian consuming Cannabis for medical reasons or not;   
Send in Your Looney Tax Right Now!

Medical Marijuana Money Talks!

Show Government that ALL Canadians have the Right to Vote for OUR Rights and Freedoms.

  How to Vote:
  One Looney dropped inside a Canada Post bubbly envelope is a vote for each person “18” years and older.  

Envelope cost is $1.46 + Looney =
$2.46 per vote.

Place the Looney and Letter from our Forms Page into the bubble envelope and address to:

The Speaker of the House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario
Canada  K1A 0A9

Mailing Your Looney Tax Letter Vote through Canada Post to the Speaker of the House of Commons, Canada  RECORDS YOUR VOTE and is forever marked in history for the NEW LOONEY TAX VOTE  for the legalization of Cannabis Consumers and Cultivators including recreational and medicinal purposes.  
Every Cannabis Consumer sending in a Looney per consumer per year - will Register their ANONYMOUS VOTE by way of entering your vote on the voter portion of the website. 

Voter Looney Letters received by the Speaker of the House of Commons in Ottawa will be tallied and all monies forwarded to the Receiver General for processing and held in trust.

Each Looney, Each Bubble Envelope, Each Postal Receipt equals one vote - one Looney towards our goal of supporting our schools, military and medical systems, without budget cuts or government law and spending interference and is logged into the mail by the Secretary to the Speaker of the House of Commons and will be named the 420LooneyTaxVote and 1 Looney in their records.

Voting anonymously with this Looney will relieve a burden on government whereby they have allotted cuts to each of the medical, educational and military funding portions of the Canadian taxpayers spending budget.  If you are like many Canadians, cuts to medical, education and military is not an acceptable option. 

Instead, I put forth that cuts be made to government salaries and money put back into these areas to prevent failure of the programs put in place (by the people?).

Each receipt equals one vote, your vote.  How many lives would be saved by legalizing cannabis consumption?  Send copies of your postal bubble envelope receipt and total looney tax votes sent to government to to record your vote in that way to assist with the unofficial website tally.

What of the Mounties and their families from the Whitecourt incident; wouldn't everybody still be alive today if marijuana was not a part of their mandate?

Was all that enforcement for cultivation really necessary?  How many people DIED from cannabis consumption and how many DIED because one man cultivated?

This never happens in Amsterdam.  Just saying. 

How precious is a human life, that a war on innocent, governmentally proven medicinal plants has caused this much death and incarceration trying to control it?  Not even from the actual consumption, but just trying to control it.  Why is government using deadly force to control a healthy medicinal substance?  Hardly seems a requirement to incarcerate people for trying to self-medicate.  Some people drink alcohol.  Some don't.

So how dangerous and regulating is a substance required to be if simply possessing it is deadly but not the actual consumption of it, which is healthy?  Not even from the actual education of the plant, but from the consensus that it is forbidden to partake of the benefits of cannabis by (government) opinion.
Exercise your Right to Vote!

Looney Vote mailed, Postal Receipt photo, scan or email is the system used to ensure that this vote is legitimately counted as valid, as date and proof of purchase details on the receipt will assure the consumer is kept anonymous as no signature was required while still validating the vote as one Looney sent to our government to enact the voluntary voted wishes of these Canadian people.  To begin a legalization process by insisting Canadians be noticed by the only thing government recognizes - money.
The New Looney Tax Vote has no expiry, vote anytime.

Multiple voting is acceptable whereby support is welcomed financially for our schools, medical and military institutions funding, but in that case specify online and on the form that the vote is one, but the value is $>>>>.>>. 
(No problem, fill your boots, we track it if you submit the receipt and submission amount information) to

It's still "Our" New Looney Tax!

Just because Government has not afforded Canadians the opportunity to vote on the legalization of cannabis consumption, doesn't mean we can't make the government accept our voluntary New Looney Tax vote that Canadians are speaking out with our Looney to make a change to a system that isn't working as is.  As a matter of fact, WE INSIST you take note of our vote, now Prime Minister and Government of Canada 2012.  Here's my Looney Tax vote.  Let's fix the system.

If you don't understand the concept brought forth here to instigate a change - then use the contact page - we won't be offended.  We want to know what you know.  At least we are making the effort. 

This is a voluntary, anonymous vote to bring about a change to the voting system in Canada whereby Canadians get to have a say on what we vote for or against in our country before the government just hands down their verdict without even consulting what Canadians think are good for Canadians, without debate or education or even enough information with which to make an informed decision on products or services being sold in Canada.  Tracked by the Postal Service Receipt and the Speaker of the House of Commons and this website.   Let Canada Vote, won't you?

Have you noted the side effects of the prescription drug market?   Suicidal thoughts, internal bleeding, liver failure, tumours, death?  Not the symptoms your cannabis cultivator will tell you about.  Happy, "frisky", hungry, sleepy, will be the top four symptoms from cannabis consumption - in that order, I believe.

Have you seen the commercials from lawyers inviting victims to claim compensation against the makers of these "killer" prescription drugs? VIOXX, PRADAXA, YAZ 

Why aren't the security agencies out busting up these "organized" crime situations?  Who’s the pusher now, Canada?  Our Doctors - trusted individuals are prescribing death to their patients.  More testing is required like that done on Cannabis to ensure the health of the Canadian   before the prescription drug market.

After 30 years of extensive government research and testing it has been discovered that consuming cannabis has failed to kill a single person to date.  Being caught cultivating cannabis however...has been shown by government, police and media to be fatal - Whitecourt murders for example, the grower was protecting his illegal activity when four police officers lost their lives trying to curtail this marijuana growing activity.
Ever hear of anyone dying from Alcohol consumption or enforcement during and after prohibition?  Nobody is dying from Cannabis consumption.  This feels just like the political movements of the days before alcohol prohibition was lifted, eventually Alcohol was legalized and look at it now.  Taxes are flowing fine for government.  Why not cannabis?  Cannabis is viewed to be a healthier consumption than tobacco now.  Government is not realizing the potential here for putting the efforts and finances back on track in this country, using the lack of crime in Amsterdam as a model.  

Who is looking out for the prescription drug pushers victims of VIOXX and PRADAXA, etc.?  Lawyers!  Should not the government, media and police be out trying to stop the people creating and pushing these prescription drugs that are ultimately killing or causing people to be killing themselves from the side effects?

I'm now thinking that it’s not the street level drugs that we have to worry about when the drugs the doctors can prescribe will just as much harm or kill you.

Instant Internet and Television information is letting Canadians know that more information is required before we just "guinea pig" ourselves unwittingly and we want to be more educated before we are led to believe our products are safe.  As safe as cannabis has been reported and recorded to be in 30 years research.  

Don’t let government decide for you, vote with The NEW LOONEY TAX. Show government Canadians have a voice and a vote and we are going to use it.

Trying not to get too political to stay on point.  But you've gotta admit that this is a huge pot (prescription drugs) calling the kettle (cannabis consumption) black scenario.  Anyone else sick of this?  

Fill out the form and put it into your bubbly Canada Post envelope and vote to give Canadians more education, more military spending and more medical care, because as cannabis consumers - we care. It has been my experience that the cannabis industry can well afford it. Access the form here.

This site is under construction with more information and pages underway.  

Voter Tally page up soon, videos up before that.  Like us on Facebook or watch the 420 videos on Youtube.  Above all, have a sense of humor, eh? Vaporize.

At least I'm making an effort to present an avenue of action.  What are YOU doing to bring about a change?  Why not vote with a looney to get the government's attention, what else were you gonna spend the money on? 

Thanks for referring this site to your colleagues and educating others and for your helpful comments to help us evolve.  We do appreciate your support and vote.  
We have a Will - We have a Way
The New Looney Tax!
Vote Today!

I’m dropping my looney tax vote into the mail at the post office today.


In answer to some questions about the Looney, I’ll explain the process of the 420 New Looney Tax Vote.

 (It's not about the looney now it's about the RIGHT TO VOTE right now - if we ever get enough Looney's collected - it will be about the Looney then.)

What will happen to my looney once it's dropped into the mail with my form letter not only demanding my right to vote on the legalization of cannabis consumption but also that the money collected under my voluntarily offered tax may only be dispersed to these three funds:



1)   Educational funding for schools across Canada including music programs and teaching staff that were cut
      to be put back in place.


2)   Medical care across
Canada to cut wait times for emergency care and surgeries.

3)   Military funding so that our protectors have something to protect us with – unlimited looney tax funds
      might just bring our soldiers home safely more often.

Note that we would have been taxed when it became legal anyway so why not show government we are already willing to pay.  

Note that as long as these looneys received by all Cannabis Consumers in
Canada are received by
government and that it cannot be determined which proceeds have come from certified Medical Marijuana consumers or from street consumers and as such, they cannot spend proceeds from an illegal entity. 


Now because there isn't a return address on this looney tax vote, it cannot be returned to the sender, so it goes to a trust fund and waits there – untouched until it becomes large enough to concern everybody.

The Looney Bubble Envelope travels thru the postal system until it reaches the destination of the Secretary for the Speaker of the House of Commons, whereby every piece of mail received by Parliament must be logged into a diary and given a number. This number is an official government log of receipt of this looney and letter of intent by mail. 

Once Mister Speaker has processed the request, this piece of mail would be logged in as the name of the mail which would be the 420 New Looney Tax Letter and 1 Looney.  

The looney is then forwarded to the Receiver General; an accumulation of Looneys will present itself eventually (even if I have to mail one off every day for years to come, I have the time and loonies)…once enough 'looney tax votes' accumulate into a trust account – sooner or later somebody is going to want to spend those loonies if they get big enough. 

Anybody else following the beauty of the democratic process in this plan?


So for the past thirty years we have had petitions and signatures and bills put forth but nobody is able to get past first reading from all the You Know What by The You Know Who's in Power.

The next progression in this plot is that 5 looneys in an account is not much to worry about, 55, 5,500, 55,000 is interesting, $5,500,000.00 however and now somebody is going to ask to table a bill to legalize Cannabis Consumers in Canada just so they can get their hands on the money.


We might lose our looney tax money to do that, but the end result will have accomplished what 30 years of red tape could not nor ever have.

At that time we will have given government enough money to curtail cuts to education, medical care and military funding, which will be boosted because our argument is that we already put the money in place and that we traced it ourselves by way of the Canada Post Receipt and if we are experts at the tally process (we might be), we would have a legitimate tally because of the dates on the postal receipts submitted. 

We have a voice about the spending as a legal entity at this point and can still add our tax money if the government hasn't kicked the crap out of us with their own taxes ie:  alcohol and tobacco consumption.


Sure nobody trusts the government, but the point has been made - in all aspects of this debate - simply by sending an anonymous looney to the Speaker of the House of Commons. 

So there you have it folks, are ya wit me or agin me?  It's a pretty good plan, yes?